Insider insights with Justin silverio and

Greg Helbeck

jul 28, 2023
How he has virtually flipped and wholesaled over 150 deals.
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About Greg:

Greg Helbeck is a real estate entrepreneur who has flipped & wholesaled over 150+ deals since 2015. He is one of the Hudson Valley's top investors and also buys real estate in his local area San Diego and in Delaware. Before real estate Greg was a college student with ambitions of playing in the NHL. In Greg's spare time, he loves to travel, golf, play pickle ball and experience cool new locations. He splits his time between San Diego, CA and his hometown, Monroe, NY.  

Greg discusses:

  • His early days as an investor
  • How and why he went from investing locally to virtually
  • Some of his learning lessons along his journey
  • What his team looks like today
  • How Invelo has helped his business
  • What he believes to be the most important qualiti
  • Words of wisdom for others just starting out