Find, Screen, and Keep Key Talent

How do you hire the best of the best? Learn how to find, screen and retain top talent from real estate marketing master and co-founder of Investor Machine, Jason Lewis.
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Meet the instructor

Jason Lewis

Real Estate Investor | Creation Holdings LLC

Jason Lewis is a marketing master. He co-founded the Investor Machine which is one of the nations leading marketing services for real estate investors specializing in industry-leading lists and mailing services. He has been in the business since 2012. His first 5 years were spent working at a flipping company which went from 12 to over 150 flips a year in his tenure there as right-hand man to the company owner. From there he started his own flip/wholesale operation at the end of 2017. In his first full year, the company assignment fees plus net flip profits totaled for 1 million. Year 2 was over 2 million and year 3 over 4 million. Creation Utah is pacing to do between 3 and 4 million this year and is run on less than 5 hours a week of Jason’s involvement.

The idea of Investor Machine started and grew slowly from 2018-2020. In 2020 the company officially launched its model as it is today and has over 115 members throughout the United States averaging excellent returns and with their time freed up to focus on what they do best. Creation Utah is also an Investor Machine client and so far 67% of Creation Utah’s revenue has come from being Investor Machine members.

Jason is married to Amanda Lewis and they have 5 kids. When 4 and 5 were born the oldest was 5 years old. They live in Ogden Utah and enjoy giving back, spending time with family, and all things water sports.
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