Insider insights with Justin silverio and

Chris Krausnick

AUG 8, 2023
Going from beginner to locking up 3 deals in only 4 months.
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About Chris

Chris invests in the Augusta, GA market. He currently works for the City of Augusta as a Traffic Signal Tech Assistant in addition to owning and operating CK&M Property Services. He started his REI journey in the spring of 2022. Since then, he has closed on a House Hack as well as 3 wholesale deals! His goals are to create financial freedom through REI, travel, and retire his mom! He enjoys spending time with his family, exercising, meeting new people, and of course learning all things business and real estate.

Chris discusses:

  • Why he became interested in real estate
  • How he found is first, second, and third deal
  • Why he believes he was successful
  • What lists and the type of marketing that is working for him
  • How Invelo has helped his business
  • His goals for 2023
  • Words of wisdom for others just starting out