The Magic of Seller Financing

Approach the real estate business in a new way with creative financing! Real estate expert and entrepreneur Andrew Schlag shows you how to find success in “The Magic of Seller Financing.”
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Masterclass Outline

Meet the instructor

Andrew Schlag

Real Estate Investor | Certain REI

Andrew Schlag is a 29 year-old business owner, author, and real estate entrepreneur since 2014. He was chosen as a Top 100 real estate professional by “The Top 100 Magazine.” After purchasing 50 houses in 52 weeks at 22 years old he became a millionaire in single family and small commercial real estate and went on to build a multimillion-dollar portfolio by age 25.

After earning a master’s degree in reinvesting from Financial Freedom Academy, Andrew wanted to share his experience and knowledge of real estate – from there Certain REI was born. With Marshall Sylver, they developed the “30 days to 30k” and “Automated Millionaire Investor Real Estate Training System.” The innovative coaching business introduced newcomers to the world of real estate and propelled experienced clients to the next level. Andrew has also been mentoring and coaching for legendary real estate entrepreneur, Ron LeGrand, since 2017. Now he helps students all over the US and Canada to achieve their goals.
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