Sir Brad Blazer

Blazar Group, LLC

What does it take to gain someone’s trust? Business expert and mentor Sir Brad Blazar coaches you on how to build trust, foster relationships, and ultimately raise capital from potential investors.
Sir Brad Blazer headshot

Andresa Guidelli & Elizabeth Faircloth

InvestHER Community

Learn about the roadblocks women face in the world of real estate investing and how you can overcome them with Andresa Guidelli and Elizabeth Faircloth, seasoned real estate investors and the minds behind the InvestHER Community.
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Mike Hambright

Investor Machine

Leads are the lifeblood of your real estate investing business. Join investor and entrepreneur Mike Hambright to learn how you can scale your business and grow your deal flow through paid lead generation.
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Cody Hofhine

Joe Homebuyer

Successful investor, mentor and co-founder of Joe Homebuyer, Cody Hofhine lays out the four principles to scale your business.
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John Jackson

Leasing to Buy

Are you in the right mindset to be successful? Join leasing expert, and owner of Leasing To Buy, John Jackson to learn how to get yourself in the right headspace for success in his Masterclass “Why You’re Not Taking Action.”
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Jason Lewis

Creation Holdings LLC

How do you hire the best of the best? Learn how to find, screen and retain top talent from real estate marketing master and co-founder of Investor Machine, Jason Lewis.
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Trevor Mauch


How effective are your marketing efforts? Join CEO of Carrot, Trevor March to learn best practices and proven methods for marketing your real estate investing business.
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Joe McCall

Simple Lease Options

Unlock a comprehensive overview of lease options from a real leasing expert – former civil engineer and seasoned remote flipper Joe McCall.
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Patrick Precourt

Precourt Enterprises

Need some guidance on your way to success? Join entrepreneur and author Patrick Precourt to learn how you can build a successful career and business in real estate.
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Matt Rodak

Fund That Flip

Want to learn more about financing your real estate investments? Is there something you are missing out on? Matt Rodak, founder and CEO of Fund That Flip, answers all of your questions in his Masterclass “Scaling Your Capital Stack.”
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Andrew Schlag

Certain REI

Approach the real estate business in a new way with creative financing! Real estate expert and entrepreneur Andrew Schlag shows you how to find success in “The Magic of Seller Financing.”
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